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Sandra A.

Oct6th 2020

I came to therapy after a fall on concrete. I was having trouble moving my arms up and back. I could not lift over 8 pounds completely without pain. After therapy, with a lot of stretching my muscles, I have gained back my normal movements with no pain and can lift more than before.

Dina P.

Oct6th 2020

Enjoying everyday tasks again, with no restrictions or pain. When I came here for therapy, I could not even hold a pen to write. The pain was awful! After working with Shelly, I can now do everything that I was not able to before. I am so grateful for the care I received.

Bill T.

Oct6th 2020

Before physical therapy, I was not able to do much with my shoulder as the injury was to my dominant arm. I could only reach height halfway up to my waist and could do nothing overhead or behind my back. The pain level was severe with increased pain with any movement. Currently, post rotator cuff repair, I have full movement in every direction with no pain. I am lifting more than before surgery and can participate in normal activities with no pain.