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Category: Post-Surgical

Ellen W.

Oct6th 2020

I was really scared to move my shoulder when I was first sent to therapy. However, was sent to get full motion back in my shoulder before I could undergo surgery. The staff was very encouraging and worked with me both physically and emotionally to get motion back to normal to allow me to have surgery. After surgery, they worked with me to return to normal activities at home and work. I have now returned to full duty work without limitations.

Stan L.

Oct6th 2020

I had a rotator cuff repair in January and was worried I would not be able to ride my motorcycle this summer. Riding is the thing I enjoy doing most with the nice weather coming up. I was able to get my bike out and ride for over 30 miles with no pain or difficulty. I am so grateful I can return to doing what I love.

Curt W.

Oct6th 2020

I had a total knee replacement at the end of May. Going through therapy at LaFree, I am golfing in my golf league by the end of June. I even shot well enough, I had the people in my foursome calling me a liar, saying there is no way you just had a total knee.