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Category: LaFree Physical Therapy

Ashlee McKeand Oct6th 2020

Ashlee McKeand

Ashlee recently joined the LaFree Physical Therapy team. Her primary job is verifying insurance benefits and obtaining authorization for our patients before and throughout their treatment in our facility. She also gathers information necessary for billing. She will also fill in at the front desk for Karla as needed. Ashlee enjoys scrapbooking and doing jigsaw

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Karla Wyland Oct6th 2020

Karla Wyland

Karla will be the first one to welcome you to LaFree Physical Therapy either on the phone or you will see her at the front desk ready to register you and schedule all your appointments, as well as answer any questions you may have. Karla has worked with patients at LaFree Physical Therapy for 15

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Shelly Kyser-LaFree Oct6th 2020

Shelly Kyser-LaFree

Shelly is a 1991 graduate of University of Indianapolis School of Occupational Therapy. After graduation form school she worked at Indiana University Health University Hospital until 1995 when she moved back to this area. She has been working treating hand, wrist, and elbow injuries since that time. She joined John in his practice in 2007.

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